• Q: What is home health care?

  • A: Home health care provides cost-effective services to individuals recovering from illness or surgery, living with chronic conditions and those who can avoid hospital admission and remain living safely at home with medical and personal care assistance.


  • Q: How does a patient begin receiving your services?

  • A: Our patients can be referred by their own physician, a hospital, rehabilitation facility, skilled nursing or assisted living facility, clergy, family, friends or self-referral. Before service can begin, the patient’s physician will write an order that prescribes home care. If you are referring yourself or a loved one, provide us with your physician’s name and phone number and our Referral Center staff will be happy to request the order. Once Countryside Home Health Care receives this order, we’ll contact the insurance company directly and determine if coverage is available and if authorization is required, notify the patient of any co-pays or deductibles, and schedule the first visit.


  • Q: Does the patient need to be hospitalized to qualify for your services?

  • A: No, hospitalization is not a requirement to receive home health care. In fact, many of our patients are referred by their primary physician.


  • Q: How does a patient pay for home health care?

  • A: Home health care is usually covered by Medicare if prescribed by a physician. Services are also often covered by employer health plans and private insurance carriers.Once we receive your referral for service, we’ll contact the insurance company directly and determine if coverage is available and if authorization is required. We’ll bill the insurance company directly, and let you know if any deductibles and co-pays apply.


  • Q: Do you conduct background checks on employees?

  • A: Yes. Our screening process includes a criminal background check, license verification, and certification, employment history, and references.


  • Q: What if I am uncertain what services are needed?

  • A: Just call us at 571-934-8408. One of our knowledgeable Referral Center staff will discuss your situation and help determine care needs.

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